Saturday, August 08, 2009

Closed Eyes

Yesterday I closed my eyes and drove over an animal. Let me explain - I was a million miles away in thought and ... yes, I saw that groundhog come running across that road, but I didn't do anything to avoid it other then leave off the gas for a second - I didn't brake.

And I closed my eyes. Yes, while I was driving, I closed my eyes. (it was okay, I only closed them for a few seconds)

Then I hoped that I would miss it. Doing anything else would mean I would have to stop my train of thought to focus on something I didn't want to focus on.

I did not miss it.

I felt THE bump.

I knew what happened.

I knew what I would see as I looked in my rearview mirror, so I only glanced in it for a second to confirm. Yes, a dead groundhog lay on the road. I looked away quickly, then planned to go back to my thoughts that had been so rudely interrupted by this uninvited being.

But I couldn't reenter that stream of thought - all I could think about was my reaction to this being that I thought didn't fit into my world at that moment. I closed my eyes to avoid it.

Is that what I do to people that come into my life unexpectedly?

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Billy Coffey said...

There are few things that run a chill up your spine quite like hearing that "bump." And I react the same way as you did. Both to the ones on the road and the ones in my life.