Friday, February 20, 2009

walking - stretching - icing

No running yet - I stretch and ice the muscle on the inside of my right knee a few times a day. Yesterday I thought it was feeling better - today I'm not sure. I ran a few errands this morning and was in and out of the car a few times. My chiro said that I need to be careful when getting in and out of a car because I could easily strain it more. I thought I was being careful, but it's so freaking cold and windy here that I was hurrying and might have put more strain on it than I realized.

I did walk at my local mall about 20 minutes when I was out - the muscle felt good at the time, but is aching now, so the ice is on it!

We are spending the weekend at a mountain lodge in central PA with our neighbors. It's supposed to be very cold, so I don't think I will be outside at all. I plan to be under a blanket with a book and a hot drink most of the weekend! I will be stretching and icing and hope that come Monday, I can go for a 30 minute walk again.

At this time, I plan to wait to run for another week or so. I'm not sure what this will do for my plans to run/walk in a marathon relay on April 4th, but I'm still optimistic! I might be walking more than running, but I still plan on doing it.

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