Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Recent Runs

Had a great run on Sunday with Jerry. We ran on the Exeter Scenic River Trail - it's a soft packed gravel/dirt surface and my legs feel so much better after running there than on a road. My knee felt good, but slightly sore after running up and down a small hill on the trail. We did a total of 4 miles - I ran 3 1/4 miles of it, Jerry ran about 2 miles of it. He runs faster than I do, but not as long at a time, so we were together some of the time.

Last night with Running Club, I only did 1 mile because the roads around Linda's house are hilly and I wanted to allow the muscles around my knee to not be stressed more before Saturday. I'm both excited and scared for the marathon relay - weather forecast is looking good - sunny and in the 60's.

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