Friday, February 19, 2010


Fridays are famous ... we all love them, don't we?   
(know anyone that doesn't?)

There's a popular restaurant named for Friday - T.G.I.F.

There are special rules for Friday:
Some businesses allow causal dress on Fridays. 
Some people get the day off, or at least leave a few hours earlier, because its Friday.
Its 'eat-out' or pizza and movie night for many people. 

People sing Friday's praises on Twitter and Facebook:

Well hello Friday!! Yeehaw, I’m glad you’re here!
I'm so excited it's Friday, I can barely contain it.
Good Morning!!! Friday is awesome! -Coffee with Marty
Friday! Yay! -Billy Coffey 
So glad it's FRIDAY!!!!  -Tara Henschel 

#TGIF is a Trending topic on Twitter - random tweets I found:
Happy its Friday, looking forward to going out for a cigar after work. #TGIF @ben_lohmann
#tgif ... wouldnt b able to handle another monday, tuesday, wednesday, or thursday !! @nekabby13
TGIF, we're just hours away from good wine and food! Hope you have a good Friday! @TOFoodie 
Fridays put that pep n my step no matter what kind of week it has been -@jcoop9
#Tgif = payday Yay ! @leeangela

Other countries celebrate Friday also - lots of tweets in other languages (I was tempted to include some tweets in other languages, but decided since I don't know what they say, probably not a good idea)

Happy Friday to you!

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S. Etole said...

this is the day the Lord has made ... every day a cause for rejoicing