Monday, May 17, 2010

Breathing Time

Right now a designer, a developer and myself are all pregnant with a new website for here :) The 'baby' has to mature more before the birth can take place. 

Right now I am also determined to meet a Dream Year deadline decided on in January - that is to have my memoir finished by June 30th, so most days are spent wrestling with words for that. 

Also during the next few weeks - I will be spending more time away from home than at home. Whiteboard - Virginia Beach Vacation - BookExpo. To allow myself to fully engage in each of those events (and work on my memoir) posts here will be sporadic until sometime in June when the new baby should be here.

The path for the next few weeks looks like 
this beautiful trail that I biked on this past weekend.
Pine Creek Bike Trail - near Morris, PA

Happy May to You!

I'll be back .... (said in a deep Australian accent)

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S. Etole said...

Have good breathing and we will look forward to your check ins!