Monday, April 24, 2006

God makes the Way

In my last post I mentioned how in Paul's writing, it talks about each person being born in the time and the place that God set. He determined that I should be here - now and that you should be there - now.
To continue along that thought, I read in Isaiah 43 that God is the one that makes the way through the sea and a path through the waters. So, He put us here at this time and He will make the way for us, so what is left for us to do? I guess connect with Him regularly (l need like every 10 minutes to stay focused) to find the path He makes for us.

My recovery continues ... last week my pain level decreased most days. I was able to cut back the dosage of my pain meds. But then I had some major pain over the weekend. On Saturday a nerve on the side of my ankle 'woke up' and sent electrical shocks every so often for about 24 hours. It was an area that had been semi-numb since the accident, but never was painful before. I don't know if during the surgery it got disturbed and now it is coming to life, but something sure got it going. If felt as if I was in labor with contractions every so often, but no baby to show for it. (actually that is a good thing) I decided to go to church anyhow, because I couldn't sleep or read at home, plus I figured that is what the enemy wants, me to stay home and pity myself.
Finally last night, because I was totally exhausted (and thanks to pain meds) I was able to sleep . This morning, so far, so good :) I woke up and the nerve is quiet, so I don't want to move, it might start sending painful signals again if I do.

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