Monday, January 05, 2009

Running Club for Beginners

My friend Linda and I are starting a Running Club for Beginners.
(Linda's really the energy behind this club - I'm thrilled she's pulling the details together and that she has a hot tub at her house :)

When: Monday nights at Linda's house* at 7 PM starting January 12th
Why: Just for the fun of it! and of course all the benefits that come with running
Information will be provided on good reading material, best place to buy running shoes, etc, etc.

We will start out slow doing ½ mile to a mile the first week and add up to ½ mile each week there after. We will end each run with stretching exercises, a few sit ups and the hot tub (depending on the numbers)!
No worries there is no traffic on the roads in her area so it is safe to run at night. She also have a couple extra reflector vests to share.

We will keep it is simple and fun! Join us for something NEW in 2009!

*email me for more info.


Frooggee said...

SOunds like fun...where is Narvon?

Live well - Laugh often - Love much! said...

She lives between Morgantown and Churchtown - about 10 miles from here. You can ride out with me if you want to go!