Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Remembering - Blog Carnival

Remembering ...
And missing being.
A few years ago, I spent hours outside in silence and stillness.
I remember feeling like I could
reach out and touch the creator of it all. 
I remember listening to my breath and being in awe of it ...
Realizing how close I came to not having it.
I remember being in awe of life.

                                               Fall in southeast PA
I miss that feeling.
I've been busy - its been good,
but I haven't taken the time to be recently.
I don't want to live on memories.
I want to experience my creator, savior and sustainer today.
So enough of remembering ... time to live this day by being! 
Because today is what I have - not the past and not the future.
Remembering is good...
And so is being fully alive in the present moment!

Blog Carnival – One word at a time: “Remember”


S. Etole said...

So very, very true.

Jaime said...


Helen said...

I like the way you showed how remembering the past is about using that memory to be fully present today.

Peter P said...

It's good to remember the past, it can teach us so much about how we should live in the present!

Great post, Janet.

Bridget Chumbley said...

"Remembering is good...
And so is being fully alive in the present moment!"

Exactly! Thanks, Janet.

Bernadette Pabon said...

So true all the remembering into the past, is nothing f we do not live the present.

Awesome !

Janet Oberholtzer said...

Thanks carnival goers ... it's great to hear from you!

Joyce said...

Thanks for sharing how remembering the past often makes us more aware of all we have in the present....beautiful picture too.