Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday Update on Joe

I'm having a day of rest at home today. Jerry is with Joe. He called with a report after the doctors came by on rounds. Joe continues to be sedated and on the breathing machine, but he is stable and progressing ... slowly, but surely.

Still has a fever and he was restless in the night and seemed in pain, so the meds have been increased slightly, so he's really out of it - not even opening his eyes.

The MRI last night showed that his neck is fine - so the neck brace has been removed. Jerry said they washed his hair and shaved his face, so he is looking good now :)

Plans are to take him into surgery tomorrow to further close his abdomen incision. The swelling is going down a lot ... but only after they have him in the OR will they determine whether they can close it the whole way.

As for visitors ... he can't have visitors until that wound is totally closed. You are welcome to come visit Jerry and/or I when we are at the hospital, but you might want to check with us first to make sure we are available - thanks.


Becky said...

keeping all of you in my prayers

Bianca said...

I JUST asked about your son in the comments of my blog and then I came here to read this.

Wow. I will be praying for him continually. Please keep us posted!

Jeanne Klaver said...

Glad you're getting some rest. Take good care of yourself. You're all in our prayers.

Mary Beth said...

Praying 'mom prayers' for you, healing for Joe and patience/comfort for your family. Will be checking here for updates.